Helpful tips for getting the most out of your investment properties that need repairs

So you have finally done it. You have purchased an income property and are ready to rent it out to some cool tenants. But you need to do some repairs first. This is a problem that many landlords encounter. This problem can cause many people to run for the hills. How can I fix my property and remain inside my budget? Fret no more! This helpful guide will equip you with real world tips to make sure you get the most out of your design and rehab projects and get your house ready to rent asap.


Always go to the supplier for the best deals on materials

If you have a rehab project in your future you find yourself in a home depot or lowes. These box stores offer the convenience of one stop shopping and are great for purchasing tools. These places are not the most frugal for purchasing building materials. Need to buy wood to repair a fence? Head down to your local lumber mill for best deals. Need stone to pave a garden walk way or repair a driveway? Your local quarry will have the cheapest prices. Need tires to transport all these heavy building materials? Head on over to Tire Buyer for the best savings. While home depot and lowes may seem like solid choices the source is always your best bet for savings.


Buy craftsman tools for their amazing lifetime warranty

Any experienced handyman can tell you how frustrating it is to get into a job only to have a hammer or a ratchet brake on you. Not only are they expensive to repair and replace, leaving a job half finished is a terrible feeling. Craftsman tools are made of high quality steel and come equipped with a lifetime warranty. Break a hammer while repairing a fence? No problem! Snap a ratchet while working on a car? Just take it to your nearest sears or craftsman tool supplier and they will replace it with a new one, free of charge, no questions asked.

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