Working on a Gigantic Bachelor Party

My friend is not really rich, but he has a great job and the same is true of most of his friends. There are about a hundred guys who are going to definitely be in the bachelor party and a lot of them are kicking in a significant sum of money. In fact if you just think about how much it costs to go out and have a really good time, then multiply that by a hundred and you have a large budget. I am in charge, right now I am looking into Toronto party buses and trying to figure out exactly what I would need and what it would cost. As best I can figure the logistics go something like this. The largest ones that you can rent would hold around forty five people, so two of them would be just short of what I would probably need to carry us. Of course the capacity is going to have to include the entertainment, although that is something I am not quite sure how to arrange.

Obviously there are a lot of girls who work this sort of party and they can be found, but I have no experience to guide me in hiring the right ones. It is not going to be good enough for them to be pretty, because the entertainment part of it is more than that. Then you have to consider the part where you want everyone to go home without getting their bones broken. That can be a problem because these girls are not silly enough to show up alone, they are going to bring some big muscle bound guys with them to enforce some measure of discipline on all the drunk crazy guys. Some times these guys are way too eager to engage in physical violence so you do not want that.

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